Yes, They DO Still Matter: The Importance of Dedicated Video Reviews for Increasing Your Sales

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Many influencers say they’ve stopped doing dedicated review videos: We’re here to tell you, DON’T.

More than half of ALL shoppers say online influencer videos have helped them choose which specific brand or product to buy. Still more shoppers start their shopping research process on YouTube. Why? Because influencers’ reviews are perceived as being more authentic than an ad or celebrity spokesperson. It’s a real person, giving their (supposedly) genuine opinions on an item’s pros and cons.

Above: MagicLinks star influencers Zabrena and ThaTaylaa prove that review videos are still a thing, and still perform REALLY well.

Haul videos, tutorials, follow me arounds, and other videos still have their place, but you should make sure you are uploading dedicated review videos regularly. Studies show that reviews of one single product don’t perform as well as reviews of multiple products together – i.e. reviewing a brand’s capsule collection as a whole, or pitting two competitors together. It gives consumers insights, and helps sway their decision making.

During a recent study by Google Think, one respondent said,

“I’ll look back at a video to remind myself which product a vlogger spoke about. I need to find the exact moment they said, ‘This is my recommendation.’”

What does that tell influencers? Be direct. Say whether or not you recommend a product, and WHY. Even if you’re giving a negative review, list all of the benefits & drawbacks of a product in a calm, reasonable way. Engage your audience by asking if they’ve tried the product(s) you’re reviewing, what their opinions were, and which product(s) they’d like you to test next.

Oh, and, of course, don’t forget to verbally call out your MagicLinks in the video’s description box, so your fans know they can instantly shop your favorites.

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