What’s Trending On YouTube? A Great Way To Plan Your New Videos!

Posted: July 21, 2015

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You’ve got tons of subscribers to your YouTube channel, but you’re always looking to get more, right? Of course! More subscribers = more online friends, and more potential revenue from your MagicLinks links! But just uploading videos on any old subject won’t necessarily attract you new subscribers, or help you keep your current subs. Read on for some of our favorite places to go to find video ideas!

YouTube Spotlight: This blog tracks the daily most-viewed videos on YouTube, from video games to music to viral videos.

YouTube Trends Dashboard: This YouTube-managed page allows you to sort by age, gender, and location to find out the most popular videos for your intended audience.

What’s Trending: Tracks everything from YouTube to Tumblr to Instagram blogs – a great microcapsule of the Internet at large!

Google Trends: Everyone’s favorite search engine has the lockdown on the most-searched-for topics of the day.

Hashtagify: Sort trending Instagram and Twitter hashtags by length of popularity, language, and more.

Twitter’s Main Page: Keep an eye on the “Trends” bar on Twitter’s homepage for the latest popular hashtags and search terms.