#TryTheTrend: ASMR

Posted: March 6, 2019

Fans say ASMR videos give them relaxing “happy tingles”: It’s one of the fastest-growing content verticals on social media, was showcased in a 2019 Super Bowl ad – and even showed up in a Cardi B interview. Curious? Try the trend with these asmr creator-approved products & video ideas.

Manfrotto Pixi
Mini Tripod 5.3″

$17.24 on sale at Adorama
Every ASMR-er needs a tripod for steady footage, and this one is a great starter investment for ALL video creators.

Blue Yeti USB
Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic

$129.99 at Best Buy
ASMR creators love this all-purpose starter mike for whispering, tapping, brushing, water, and other popular ASMR sounds.

Westcott 130 Wrinkle-
Resistant Green Screen

$69.90 at B&H Photo & Video
Keep the focus on the ASMR itself with a green screen background, which makes editing videos way easier.

Canon PowerShot G7 x
Mark II Digital Camera

$649 at B&H Photo & Video
Even non-ASMR folks love this filming camera. It’s lightweight, has 4.2x optical zoom, and delivers crisp, clear footage.

Zoom H4N Pro
Handy Recorder

$199.99 on sale at Guitar Center
Capture every tiny sound with this 4-channel recorder, which delivers spectacular stereo for most filming mics.

Loose Glitter

$22 each at MAC Cosmetics
Gibi ASMR & GwenGwiz frequently do makeup tutorials using eye-catching pigments like these, available in 49 shades.

F41 Fan

$12.60 on sale at Sigma Beauty
Perfect for applying highlighter in ASMR makeup tutorials, AND for ASMR brushing sound videos, another popular niche.

Elmer’s Slime
Starter Pack

$4.99 at Target
Slime videos are, hands down, one of THE most popular ASMR sub-genres. This is a great starter kit for slime newbies.

Xbox One
Wireless Controller

$49.99 at Target
“Clicking” videos are another rising ASMR sub-genre. Try it for yourself with this infinitely clickable controller.

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