Should You Have More Than One YouTube Channel?

Posted: December 4, 2017

Most YouTubers only have one channel, where they post all their content, regardless of what niche it falls under. A makeup channel that also does Follow Me Around vlogs and occasional cooking tutorials? Sure. A gaming channel that posts about new movie releases? Yup. No one has just ONE interest, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t make videos on just ONE topic.

As your channel grows, so do the comments on your videos. “Why aren’t you doing just makeup videos now? I hate the mystery toy unboxing/cooking/book review videos! Stick to what we like!” While we’ll be the first to tell you to thumb your nose at the haters, we’ll also tell you to keep an eye on the comments on “non-niche” videos. You want to give subscribers what they want, and if there are enough people commenting that they love or hate a particular niche you’re branching out into, you may want to consider a second or third channel.

Community member, Samantha Schuerman, is a great example of how to diversify your content. She has one channel for beauty & fashion, one daily life vlogs channel (which she’s currently taking a break from), and one channel for parenting & pregnancy tips. There’s a lot of overlap between the subscriber lists for each channel, but folks who JUST want to watch parenting videos or JUST makeup & style videos are satisfied.

Give diversifying some serious thought – you may end up with even more subscribers!



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