How To Find Links For Items Purchased In-Person

Posted: April 29, 2016


Let’s be honest: We don’t do ALL of our shopping online, as convenient as it is. There’s nothing that beats the experience of leisurely browsing the shelves at your fave stores, trying stuff on and paying for it, then taking it home immediately – instead of waiting for the UPS guy to bring it! If you want to recommend those items in a video, and want to earn commissions on them, sometimes it’s hard to find those items online. Here’s a quick-and-easy way to do it.

Let’s say you found an amazing Levi’s women’s trucker-style jean jacket at a local mom ‘n’ pop clothing store and wanted to include it in a Summer Lookbook video.

1. Use the MagicLinks Product Finder Similar to search engines, our Product Finder works to find your items at commission-eligible MagicLinks partners. Type in your search term (“Levis Jean Jacket Womens”, in this case) and see what comes up.


Not the specific jacket you were looking for? You can toy with search terms in the Product Finder some more, or you can:

2) Search for the product you want, i.e. “levis jacket womens” in a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

3) Go to the item’s product page at the online retailer.

4) Copy the full URL (ex.|BS|BA%26slotId%3D3).

5) Paste the URL into MagicLinks Product Link tool.

6) Generate your customized, pre-shortened MagicLink.

7) Paste MagicLink into video description.

Simple, right?

We hope this helps encourage you to create MagicLinks for more of your in-person purchases and add them to your latest videos. After all, the more you link, the more you can earn!

As always, feel free to contact your MagicLinks account manager at any time with questions. We’re here to help.