Festival Hair & Beauty: Anything (and We Mean ANYTHING) Goes

Posted: March 21, 2019

Coachella kicks off the spring & summer festival season, and it’s just 3 weeks away. Even if you’re not going to ‘Chella, your fans want your take on OTT festival hair & makeup – if there was ever a time to dial it up to 11, this is it.

The Gypsy Shrine Pink
Unicorn Body Jewels

$11 on sale (was $20) at Boohoo
Channel your inner Childlike Empress (from The Neverending Story) with these iridescent face jewels, perfect for adding an ethereal shimmer to your look.

Glossier Play Niteshine
Targeted Glow

$20 at Glossier
Glossier’s new PLAY line debuted *just* in time for festival season. Coincidence? We think not. Well played, Glossier.

Collagen Pop Dissolvable
Collagen + Vitamin C Boost

$30 at Hum Nutrition
Give your skin a beauty & energy boost on the go with these rose + lemon-flavored tablets, perfect for dropping into a bottle of water on the go.

Makeup Kit

$18 at Milk Makeup
This Lip Gloss and Lip + Cheek tint are infused with fluorescent pigments, to turn bold hues when exposed to dance floor black lights. The geniuses at Milk even included a keychain black light, for your photo shoot needs. Time to hit the dance floor!

Kitsch x Justine Marjan
Professional Glam Clips

$29 each at Kitsch
Choose “Drippin'”, “Glam”, “Damn”, “Vibes”, “Icon”, “or “Feelings”, and put it in your hair with these celeb stylist-designed clips.

Lime Crime Always Be A
Unicorn Hair Try Me Kit

$16 at Nordstrom
Ready to rock rainbow hair – but not sure which color you want? This kit includes 5 single-use packets of Lime Crime’s popular Unicorn Hair dye hues.

Ecostardust Moonshine
Biodegradable Glitter

$12 at PrettyLittleThing
Most glitter is actually bad for the environment – when you wash it off, it doesn’t dissolve, just goes down the drain. This bold, chunky body glitter is made from non-GMO eucalyptus trees, and is biodegradable!

Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection
Rainbow Sherbet Lashes

$9 on sale (was $18) at Sephora
Boldly hued feathers decorate the band of these fluttery, out-to-there lashes. They’ll make you the toast of any music festival!

Glitter Glue Glitter
Shadow Primer

$20 at Too Faced
Lock down those glitter shadows, fake tattoos, and more with Too Faced’s signature glitter-sealing primer.

NYX Glitter Goals
Cream Pro Palette

$25 at Ulta
NYX is the official beauty sponsor of Coachella 2019, and this insanely sparkly face + body palette is in their Coachella capsule collection. Draw glittery tattoos on your skin, do a rainbow glitter gradient, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Kristin Ess Dry Finish
Working Texture Spray

$14 at Target
Add volume and grip to your ‘do with this top-rated texture spray. It’ll help keep those fancy boho braids and flower crowns in place.

IGK Foamo Moon Rock
Holographic Hair Foam

$22 at Urban Outfitters
Be a holographic festival princess with this wash-out, color changing foam, available in pink-to-teal or blue-to-purple color shifts.

ASOS DESIGN Filigree Diamond
Shapes Back Hair Chain

$16 at ASOS
Channel your inner golden goddess with this delicate hair jewelry that goes perfectly with 3rd day hair. It’s a cinch to work into any look, thanks to the built-in hairpins on each end.

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