CEO Brian Nickerson Featured On the Rakuten Blog!


Rakuten was one of the first .com companies to harness the power of affiliate linking and commissions. Now, as a leader in the industry, they provide us (and you!) with partnerships to many of your favorite stores, including Sephora and Nordstrom. That’s why we were incredibly honored when they chose to feature our CEO, Brian Nickerson, on their marketing blog.

Brian talked about the importance of original video content in influencer marketing, our incredibly diverse member base, and the power of authentic relationships with fans. In the world of social media content creation, fans know it when you’re faking love for a product just because the brand is paying you to promote it. Our goal here at MagicLinks is to provide you with access to brands and products YOU genuinely love and use, which clearly shows in your videos, tweets, and Instagram posts — which leads to more clicks and commissions from your subscribers, who want to buy products you recommend.

Today’s consumer trusts recommendations from individuals over brands and celebrities, preferring the opinions of real, everyday people to spiels clearly crafted by a team of advertising copywriters. Think about it: When you’re considering buying the latest Too Faced eyeshadow palette, you go watch reviews from your fave YouTube beauty vloggers to see their honest, unvarnished opinions. That’s partly why you started vlogging yourself, right?

Read the full in-depth, insightful interview with Brian here.