Best Practices: Adding Affiliate Links in YouTube Descriptions

Here at Magic Links we work with both bloggers and vloggers. We have quite a few successful vloggers using Magic Links and we’ve discovered some tips and tricks along the way. When it comes to your YouTube description box you don’t want to oversaturate your audience with information, but you also want to make sure you are getting them what they need. Here are some things that we find helpful. Let us know if we’ve left anything out!

Best Practices Adding Affiliate Links in YouTube Descriptions

A few of our successful Magic Links users pictured above: Coffee Break With Dani, GLam Twinz, & Alexandrea Garza.

1. Add Product Links Next To Product Names

It’s crazy how many times you’ll see a YouTuber list out all of the products they used and recommended in their video, yet they don’t link to where these products can be purchased. If you’ve already taken the time to list them all out, it literally takes one second to add the affiliate link that goes along with it. Especially with our amazing Toolbar Tool. We highly suggest using this so you can create links in seconds!

2. Place Product Links Close To The Top of Your Video Description

Your audience is looking for these things and shouldn’t have to scroll past a bunch of other stuff to find them. Plus, if your links are higher up, they have a better chance of being clicked on.

3. Add Store Links For Your Top Performing Stores

You can find out which store you are making the most money from by logging into your Magic Links account and checking out your reports. Select “merchants” and you will see your top 30 stores over the past 4 months. If your top performing store is Sephora, it would be wise to add a Sephora store link in all of your video descriptions. To create a store link, simply go to create links, select store links, select the store, and there you go! This store link will take your audience to all of the deals/coupons that are currently available at that store. When they shop through any link on this page you will earn commission. Don’t forget you can customize the banner at the top of this page by going to “manage my banner”.

4. Add Department Links For Your Demographic

Department links are great because they show all of the coupons/deals going on within a specific category. If your niche is beauty, you can choose beauty and create a link that will show your audience the top deals in beauty at all of Chippmunk’s stores. We have plenty of departments to choose from. Check them out under department links.

Have any tips for us that we missed? Feel free to leave them in the comments!